Singaporean Insurance Checklist
Stop wasting money on investment plans with no returns.

My Financial Educator has compiled a list of 15 financial portfolio tips that most Singaporeans do not know!

Most Singaporeans are investing their money on
plans that are a Waste of Money!

Our Goals

Our Mission
To assist our clients in saving money away from money draining investment plans. Some of these investment plans are redundant after a certain point and it is important to stop investing in them. In the process of saving them money, we hope to be able to recommend better plans that exist.

Our Vision
A Singapore where citizens are better informed on investment plans and are able to live freely knowing they are financially protected.
What is inside the 15 Investment Checklist?

15 Investment Plans that drains money away from you.

We have compiled a list of 15 investment plans that Singaporeans might not realise that they are losing money more than they are gaining. In other words, the investment plan is not bringing in any return of investment.


2.59% is the average inflation rate for Singapore from 1968 to 2018. Your investment plans should be higher than this if you want to make your money work harder.

This might seem obvious but you will be surprised how you might have missed it. These are the growing concerns that we at MyFinancialEducator notice with our clients. They are simply putting money away and not letting it go.

Sample Preview

You should not get Life Plan for your children!
Consider doing up an investment plan that doesn╩╝t have any insurance attached to it if all your insurance and endowment are done up.

Find out the reasons in the Checklist.

15 Investment Plan Checklist written by a Certified Financial Planner Specialising in Personal Net Worth.